Reaching New Horizons!

New Horizons Christian Ministries have come to help the elderly and confined in Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care Facilities experience the awesome power of God through the preaching and teaching of the gospel. Residents, families and resident staff receive knowledge from our Lord Jesus Christ for daily living. They will be taught spiritual morals and values that they will be proud to pass on to the new generation of believers. Let us come and worship! Let us help you reach New Horizons!

A Forgotten People

So many of God’s people have been obedient to God and performed services in their churches and communities. Too often once reaching a certain age, life presents them with unforeseen challenges resulting in inactive members of organizations they once loved. Many times because of illness or injury they find themselves placed in long term care facilities. Their normality of life’s liberties is severely limited. They receive the human necessities, food, shelter etc., but their spiritual needs are often overlooked. Many times where their spiritual needs are concerned they only end up on the SICK & SHUT IN list of the church they once attended. Often times due to the economic conditions and other obligations family members become too busy to interact with their love ones. Many churches as they expand in growth become less and less motivated to evangelize the special need Christians. The spiritual loneliness is heartbreaking. Their cries fall on death ears. The reality is for many elderly and confined, the nursing home is HOME!