Operation Church Rescue is a nonprofit church support ministry started in 2013 by Dr. Steve Sells and a group of church leaders from various church backgrounds across North Carolina. Our vision is to help plateaued and declining churches find new life, enthusiasm and spiritual health. God has blessed the efforts of Dr. Sells with great success in church revitalization projects in North Carolina and Georgia. Operation Church Rescue is an outgrowth of his local church experience and his passion to help hurting, unhealthy churches. His passion is to see the local church thrive and impact their world with the Gospel. G.K. Chesterton said it best when he said that people do not want “a church that will move with the world, [rather] a church that will move the world.”

We exist for the local church to…

  • Help reestablish an understanding of New Testament church norms.
  • Help churches with professional advice and counsel to bring an awareness of a need for revitalization in the church and help implement a plan to bring them back to new spiritual health.
  • Help educate churches on the best practices and methods to revitalize and grow the church while producing mature followers of Christ.
  • Help the church reconnect with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit and God’s specific will for the church.
  • Provide leadership to the pastor and church in the appropriate program of revitalization.
  • Provide and administer tools that will give direction for the churches revitalization.
  • Help the church to be most effective in Worship, Discipleship, Prayer, Evangelism, Fellowship and Ministry.

What we believe about the church…


  • Christ Himself established the New Testament (ekklesia) or local church to be a vital part of the life of the believer (Matt. 16:18)
  • The church is a divine institution. God did not leave the establishing of His church to human wisdom.
  • The authority and guidebook of the church is the Word of God.
  • Jesus is the foundation of the church… “For other foundations can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1st Corinthians 3:11).
  • It is Christ who owns the church and is the head fo the church…”He hath purchased with his own blood.” (Acts 20:28)
  • The church is a local assembly of born again, baptized believers constituted by the authority of Jesus Christ.
  • The church is extremely important in the mind of God and the Bible indicates it is a part of the divine plan from eternity (Eph. 3:10-11), and because Christ shed his blood for it (Acts 20:28), certainly it is important enough to care for and give new life.
  • The Holy Spirit is Christ’s representative in the church and apart from Him there is no power for the local church.
  • The church should be a soul-winning station seeking to impact lostness in its Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the world.
  • steve-small-crop-300x225Dr. Steve Sells, a North Carolina native, has pastored churches across North Carolina and has been a Director of Missions in associations in North Carolina and Georgia. He received his education at Gardner-Webb University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies, and has led in planting churches at home and abroad in Romania, India, South Africa, and Haiti. Dr. Sells is a certified church health consultant. He also co-authored “For Such a Time as This: Five Steps to a Spirit Powered Church.”