A Clear Trumpet Minute Starts December 1st on WCRU Charlotte
Shirley Weaver Ministries is a Christian ministry teaching God’s Word to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In scripture, 1 Corinthians 14:8 likens the sound of God’s voice to a trumpet, and the clear trumpet reference is the message clarity when given as God intends. Our desire as a prophetic ministry is to be a clear trumpet to our culture and world. https://acleartrumpet.org

Our Vision

Calling for restoration of a Biblical worldview in the Body of Christ, one with relevance within the Church and beyond, our teaching ministry is based in  necessary commitment to Scripture for spiritual growth and a spirit of personal excellence to effect personal growth. Supporters of our ministry appreciate proven spiritual leadership and personal excellence, observable in the conduct of our mission. All outreach proceeds with excellence communicated by example to others in church and non-church applications. Two areas of priority are to the family and to leaders.

We view the family as the critical unit of the church and the logical platform to transform the culture. We encourage parents to build a family altar in the home, preempting crises situations with set-apart, quality time as father and mother train children from the Word of God and a protective prayer canopy over the home is established. We minister to leaders and those in the marketplace with support for critical decision-making, encouraging them to invite the presence of God into every event of the workday. This ministry’s growth and ever-broadening base is strengthened through expanding media formats.

A website and daily email communiques provide accessible, easy to us reinforcement – an extension of ministry to those outside the local area.  Nationally, we network with other church and ministries. Sustained prayer for protection and support of government leaders is ongoing, as is work with trans local church affiliations through which we supply ministry teams to other nations. With faithful financial partners and passionate prayer at the heart of all we do the goal is to prepare this generation and the next for the prophetic work of the Body of Christ in anticipation of the soon-return of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.