Welcome to Capitol Commission North Carolina ! http://www.capitolcom.org/north-carolina

It is an honor and privilege to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as minister to the North Carolina State Capitol community.

The vision for this ministry is based upon God’s Word. It is God’s desire to reach those in authority. Jesus himself modeled the non-political, no lobbying agenda approach. Consider that Jesus made the life, truth and the way priority as He reached out to all political parties during his historical ministry. This is the vision of Capitol Commission.

My mission to the Capitol community is to be a pastoral presence, teach Bible studies, build relationships, share the good news, helping our elected officials be all God intended them to be.

The strategic commission of Christ urges all, in the body of Christ, to call upon the Name of the Lord expressing thankfulness for our leaders, and to present their requests, burdens and deepest needs to God. This priority call pleases our God, for it is His desire for each to know the truth and Him personally.

It is my mission to the church to awaken the I Timothy 2:1 priority and build volunteer teams to assist in loving on and praying for our leaders.

It will be your fervent prayer that opens doors to relationships and hearts to truth.This strategic ministry needs the faithful support of your prayer and giving.

Thank you for your prayerful partnership with us in this ministry.

I believe God can do great things as we depend and call on Him.


Brad Harbaugh
State Minister