Help people avoid the financial and emotional pain of a bad career decision by helping them find, prepare for, and pursue the work they were born to do.

Whether it is to work as a preacher, a craftsman, a leader, or whatever your imagination can muster, the Bible teaches that God has created us to pursue certain types of work that are pleasing to Him. He has given us all a package of personality, interests, skills, and values designed to help us excel in that work, and when we pursue the work we were born to do, we’ll be happier and more content, both emotionally and financially.

Whether you are just beginning your career journey or far along into it, Career Callings can help you survey your career from a biblical perspective, helping you to find, prepare, and pursue the work God called you to do!

To learn more about how Career Callings can help you follow God’s vocational calling for your life, please review our package of Services, beginning with how to Discover your career calling.



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A technologically advanced, user friendly, cloud based MICRO-TUTORING® portal where people have the freedom to learn and explore their interests, and our channel contributors are compensated for their vast and varied skill sets.

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