01. Bible Study/Evangelization to Vodou Priests/Camps
• A pioneer ministry that touches the heart of Haiti’s true spiritual/physical/emotional/financial problems.


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Arrival in Haiti was quite different than the usual “Caribbean island” arrival. Rather than a lavish airport, resorts, and car rental agencies, I was welcomed by heavily armed military, hoards of adults and children desperately begging while clinging onto a fence that separated us from them. There was a thick stench of poverty and disease, and the barren mountains were littered with the trunks of once beautiful mahogany trees. Over the course of an hour drive to our guesthouse, I had traveled through an environment that felt void of sustainability, void of hope and void of inspiration – I felt true spiritual darkness.


Over the course of the week, while working on construction projects for elementary schools, I observed the Haitian adults and children and was both saddened and awestruck, respectively. Almost every adult that came into contact with possessed eyes that were dead, defeated and hopeless. The children, on the other hand, were spiritually alive with eyes that emanated hope, excitement and yearning.


While working, I daily viewed these beautiful children as the hope of Haiti, but I couldn’t help but wonder if living here eventuated inevitable spiritual regression, with the resultant production of the dead, hopeless souls of the adults that I was viewing in the same moment.


My final day in Haiti was spent traveling to the top of a mountain that offered a beautiful panoramic view of Haiti and its capital city, Port Au Prince. As I stood there, with everyone around me taking pictures and buying souvenirs, I felt a heavy burden resting on me, and I asked, “Where are you God?” and He answered me, I am in you, bring Me to these people. At that moment CHARIS was born.


Malcolm W. Henderson MD – Missionary


2. Ecole Communautaire Christian de Macary
(The Community Christian School of Macary)
• Provide free education for all 750 children in the 12 mile radius of the school through funding staff salaries.
• Build 3 multi-purpose buildings that would: seat 1,000 children/people, used as a school Monday-Friday and a church on Sunday.

3. Ecole Bon Berger de Marigot
(Bon Berger Christian School of Marigot)
• Provide uniforms and general school supplies for each student.
• Provide free education for 88 students (including 17 orphans that come to our porch daily) through funding staff salaries.

4. Mobile Clinic / Porch Clinic
• Establish a porch clinic/mobile clinic to serve the mountain communities by hosting medical professionals/teams throughout the year.

5. Family Prayer Sponsorships (click to learn more)
• No strings attached, except your
heart strings!