Bill, Jerry and Bob remind me; as Clarence the Angel wrote in George Baily’s copy of Tom Sawyer he got that Christmas.                                                                               

No man is a failure that has friends.

So I wondered how I could love on these dear friends that have done life with me for so many years, through some really horrible stuff. Praying I felt God tell me to tell them their glory, or to put that another way, what I sense is the way that they reflect, Jesus in a way that’s theirs alone. Also for fun their name as it has much to do with our identity in Hebrew. For more fun I did their Elf Name from the Elf Name Generator.

Bill’s Glory as I see it is a counselor – עצה – seeing the right way expressed, so many times I have called him for direction and he is magnificent in counseling me. 

William in Hebrew is וויליאם – A double connector to God’s heart the spark of the father revealed in the son. Bill does have a heart for God that has always amazed me.

Bill’s Elf Name – – Evergreen Iciclecrystals

Evergreen makes eccentric toy bath ducks and wind up frogs for all the good little children.

He wears a tunic embroidered with silver icicle patterns, and he loves gems and crystals and is very good at finding little treasures to decorate the Christmas toys! _ would like to see that J


Jerry’s Glory as I see it  is a father אב – Ab Jerry has a peace and love to him that I just sense that Fatherly feel whenever I am around him. That Alef or Alpha in Greek, he is in charge but you are glad about that, you feel like he is the head of the house but that brings peace, a unique way I look forward to seeing more of in The Heavenly Father.

Jerry in Hebrew Strongs H4139 יורו God has taught me.

1 Chron 5:13 

Jerry’s Elf Name– Fudge Toffeetree

Fudge makes enchanted wooden soldiers for all the good little children.

He wears a toffee-coloured tunic edged with white fur trimmings, and he is a bit of a show-off who likes to climb the Christmas tree and be the centre of attention! – Never saw this with Jerry but might be fun.

Bob’s Glory as I see it is a teacher from his heart בין לב Biyin Lib. Bob lives from his heart and so many of his sayings are etched in my sould, “What I thought disqualified me made me uniquely qualified”. Is a perfect example once he said it and taught it, it stuck. You never have to wonder what Bob is feeling it is written all over his face and in the tone of his voice. I am also not surprised that there is a Tov at the end of his name in Hebrew “GOOD” as like when God made light and said it was good, I can assure anyone when God made Bob he said, Now that’s a good Man.

Robert in Hebrew רברט – head of the house with passion for Good 

Bob’s Elf Name — Fudge Scarletsocks

“Fudge makes enchanted wooden soldiers for all the good little children.

He wears a bright scarlet jacket embroidered with berries and cherries, and he is a silly, lovable elf who is both creative and fun to be around!”

Just plain TRUE!