True to our Lord’s mission

Our Goal is to Sow the Seeds of the Gospel to as many people as the Lord leads us to and to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. We would like to have each person we speak to pray to receive salvation. But we recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who brings persons to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We want to be aware and obedient to share the message wherever and whenever we can.

During the last year, we were able to personally present the gospel message to several thousand people (See pages 4 and 5.) in the local venues where CFO has a booth or a tent. In these events we were privileged to pray with over 4,000 to make a decision to follow Jesus.

In addition to these events, we have partner ministries in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia who regularly use our materials in various community events. These ministries reported another 2,500 decisions this past year. (See examples on pages 5 and 6 of the 2019 Magazine.)

Finally, we supplied well over 150,000 rawhides or bracelets and accompanying tracts to our partner churches, evangelists, ministries, and individuals around the world who agreed to make a personal presentation of the Gospel with each item. (See pages 10 through 15.) As a result several thousand more received New Life in Jesus Christ. While each person is precious we want to be prudent in our use of the funds given to CFO. Based on our expenses and outreach numbers we can safely assure our supporters that every donation to CFO has been used to reach souls locally and across the globe with a personal presentation of the Gospel. While each year and each event differ with regard to the response, based on reports from our volunteers and partners we can conservatively estimate that a total of more than 18,000 persons prayed to accept the gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ last year with the use of CFO materials.

Each person reached in our venues is offered a free gift (bracelet, walking stick, etc.) and a CFO tract explaining the Salvation message using the colors. Each person who prays to receive Salvation is offered a Bible and a follow-up book.

Since all volunteers serve and travel at their own expense, we are able to keep ministry expenses to a minimum. We ask each partnering ministry that receives our materials in the US or abroad to ensure that each bracelet is given only with a presentation of the Gospel and not simply handed out as a gift. We want to ensure to the degree possible these materials are used to advance the Kingdom.

These are wonderful results and I have provided a summary of activities and plans on p22. I just want this message to let you know that I consider it a privilege to serve as President of CFO and I look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in the years ahead. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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