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OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C. – Like the artist’s mere doodles can leave us awestruck, the poet’s “scribbled” words can offer profound insight.

In her new poetry collection Holy Scribbling, Katherine Roberts Moore uses scribbling as a means to her spiritual message, adding her most powerful musings throughout the years to her compilation.

“My work is a commentary on pieces of life,” says Moore. “I always keep a pen and paper to jot down any powerful idea or insight that may strike me.”

Moore says she seeks to reveal the humor and agonies of daily life in poetic form. Encouraging a deepened spiritual life, her work span topics like personal growth, relationships and the beauty of nature with a minimum of words.

Moore, who worked as a professional grief counselor for 16 years, also uses poetry as a powerful route to healing. Many of her poems provide insight into recovering after loss.

With sometimes quirky insight, Moore says she hopes Holy Scribbling can reveal more than the modern-day experience – but also God.