Don Barefoot is a career CEO/COO with two decades of experience as top executive of five global leadership companies. Barefoot joined The C12 Group, LLC, in 2002 as the first C12 Chair in the Carolinas, joined the Board in 2003, became President in 2005, and CEO in 2006. As a former turn-around CEO, Don enjoys equipping Christian CEOs to lead their companies with a powerful blend of timeless Biblical principles and best-in-class general management practices. Barefoot is a graduate of M.I.T.’s Sloan School (MBA) and Kettering University (BSIA).

C12 at a Glance

We realize that the concept of a Christian business peer advisory board is new to many. How does it work? Who can join? Is it just a business-focused Bible study? Explore the areas below to learn more.

10-15 Members per Group

$1 Million to $1 Billion+ in Revenues

Non-Competing Peer Environment

Led by Full-time C12 Chairs

MBA-Level Curriculum

Safe and Confidential

Not a Bible Study or Small Group

Invitation-only Membership

Beyond Executive Coaching

Grounded in Biblical Truth

Engage Your Executive Team

Resources On Demand

C12 Group History

What’s in a Name?

Our name, The C12 Group, is intentional. C stands for Christ while 12 represents the ideal number for a C12 Group. Our colors, crimson and parchment, remind us of Christ’s blood, sacrificed for us, and the centrality of God’s Word. Our name is a constant reminder that we are stewards of all that has been entrusted to us.