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You Have the Power to Save Lives

As you read this over 120,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, with about 3,400 waiting right here in North Carolina. You can bring hope to those waiting and to their families, by joining the NC Donor Registry.

Joining the registry means that you have chosen to make some or all of your organs and tissue available for transplant at the time of your death. Advances in medicine continue to allow more people to donate, and organs and tissues are carefully screened prior to transplant, so anyone can join the registry — regardless of age or medical history.

If you’ve already registered with the DMV and have a heart on your license, thank you! Learn what else you can do to help. If you’re not registered yet, you can learn more about donation and then register online. Over 28,000 people began new lives in 2011 thanks to organ transplants and to individuals like you who chose to register.