Our summer bus tours always seem to lead to divine appointments. Such was the case with Pastor Will in this small western town. This is his first pastorate. He’s been here about a year, loves his study time, and he preaches for growth and change- Will is like a breath of fresh air, but always needs encouragement. You can #betheone to encourage your pastor!

9:36PM. As the sun sets in these photos, so does the fulfilling of a five year vision and commitment to reach every state and corner of our great land. Pray, Encourage, Refresh, Inspire, Remind and Repeat- this is the ministry of support for our nation’s pastors and an invitation for all who are part of the body of Christ to join us.

Whether on the highways or through the airwaves, speaking from a podium or at a coffee shop, providing retreats in the mountains or on the beach, this is a testimony of what God will do with simple yet radical faith and obedience. Thank you David Andrew Annan -for everything. Wish you were here, but we know the joy and the view is way better up there.

To God be the Glory, Great Things He hath Done.

So much has been done, so much more to do. If you’d like to be part of what’s next, please consider giving and/or contacting Energize Ministries today.

What a fun and refreshing encounter with this staff. Wish we could’ve stayed longer, but always fun to make surprise visits and share some Energize love and prayer support!

Thank you Chris, 99.3fm The Truth, Pastor Michael, Sasha, and Ryan for the warm welcome and hospitality this morning.

This is a hard place. To many, a forgotten land, filled with broken promises, broken hearts, broken lives…hard to visit, and harder to stay, but pastors Gary and Lori have been here 25 yrs -against all odds- serving the Lakota people. It’s lonely, it’s tough, but it’s exactly where God called them. PLEASE join us in prayers of encouragement, safety, perseverance, and refreshment, and showers of blessing in their lives.

FRESH LIFE…NEW LIFE…in an old western town, the signs of REAL LIFE are everywhere. So much truth in these pictures- ask, seek, knock and all these things will be given you.

Since 1991 all the pastors of this city meet TOGETHER- EVERY WEEK- to intercede for each other and the needs of their people…they rotate around different churches- across denominational lines- true #communityunity How awesome is that? Can we get an amen?!? Thank you David Culpepper for the encouragement of your words and action! (Also, special thanks to Montana Mike for the intro- and displaying our PFYP stickers to compliment his hat:)