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The world is plagued with sick believers who are ignorant of how the body functions, how emotions specifically impact health, how thinking patterns affect health, and how to receive healing from the atonement of Christ.
They spend thousands of dollars on health care and are often not truly healed or healthy. Many are looking for answers and are hungry for this information. Illness is not the will of God.Healing Words makes it clear that it is God’s will to see His people living an abundant life, and it provides practical, specific steps to move in this direction. This book will teach people how to put the principles of healing to use.

Equipped to Heal
At The Herbal Health Center, we are committed to equipping you
for personal healing, wellness, and success.
We offer periodic classes here as well as in local homes and businesses.
We offer training on our product and business tools for laymen and professionals.
We share our knowledge and skills on what options for health might be most helpful for your personal goals.
We demonstrate how to use some of our equipment, how to master certain methods of body resonance biofeedback
and how to utilize powerful healing prayers from God’s Word.
The story of The Herbal Health Center started over 34 years ago
 Equipped to Heal
The owners, as a young couple, attended an herbal workshop in Gresham, Oregon that inspired them to  become responsible for their health and for that of their children. They discovered Nature’s Sunshine Products a company with integrity and quality, that manufactured beyond the organic standard. Learning about and using these wonderful herbal products paid off. The children grew to adulthood without any prescriptions needed for disease.
This business started at home and was later moved into a storefront where it has continued to grow with a loyal clientele. Many testimonies have been shared of health being regained, of new hope and new doors
being opened, and more quality of lives being led.
This dedication continues to all new and future clients.