Fit4KingD.O.M.-Developing Optimistic Mindsets
Fit4KingD.O.M is a fitness program that I birthed to empower believers to first develop optimistic mindsets by using both scientific and biblical based principles to design fitness plans that create balance between the mind, body, and soul. The mind, body and soul must be in balance with one another in order to produce optimum health. It is our goal to motivate every believer to pursue Kingdom fit lifestyles through FITE, fours steps toward the Kingdom.  
Faith- developed confidence in your plan to pursue a Kingdom lifestyle 
Individualize- develop goals that create the best version of YOU
Transform-renew your mind and conquer you body, your soul with reap the benefit
Eat/Exercise- nourish your spiritual and physical man
I motivate believers to first develop optimistic mindsets so that they condition themselves to reach their fitness goals for a lifetime. We offer circuit training, fun cardio classes/dancing, weight training and a host of other services for competitive rates. 
Join the FITE. Train like a beast, Look like a beauty! 
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