Jay is the author of Confronting the Cultist in the New Age. He has been researching cults and the occult since 1975; his studies include thousands of hours of witnessing to cultists and counseling with family members. Jay has lectured throughout the United States and in several foreign countries. He has spoken and debated on college campuses as well as hosting his own radio show, To Everyman An Answer. He is a graduate of North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is the founder and director of The Religious Research Project.

In the course of his ministry he has taught in over 40 Christian denominations and conducted seminars on 5 continents.

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What Others Are Saying About The Ministry

“Jay Howard combined strong Biblical research coupled with real life situations to provide a life impacting series on better understanding the cults in our communities. Jay’s style is challenging, informative, spiced with emotion and humor.”
Dave Michelson, Senior Pastor

Calvary Church
St. Peters, Missouri

“Jay’s presentation is easy-going, informative, styled to compare key teachings of cults and scripture passages, and includes witnessing tips for each point. Every church that joined us paid compliment to this ministry. I highly recommend Jay to any pastor.”
Pastor Blair Overturf

First Assembly of God

Roswell, New Mexico

“His presentations was outstanding, and we were intrigued by his in-depth knowledge of the subject of cults. We have rescheduled a return visit and look forward to having him again.”
Spencer Jones, Senior Pastor

Southside Tabernacle

Chicago, Illinois

“His burden for those who are bound by the cults is evident in his teaching. The Lord has given him the ability to illustrate in a specific way the principles he presents and the different aberrations presented by the cults.”
Rocky V. Grams, Director

Instituto Biblico
Rio de la Plata, Argentina

“I believe that God has gifted Jay and that any church or Christian group who heard his presentations would be better equipped to discern the counterfeits in our world.”
Wesley G. Slough, Pastor

Community Church

Switzerland, Florida

Kirtland Bethel Bible Church is an independent bible church in Kirtland, Ohio, the home of Joseph Smith’s second stopping point.

“Having Jay in for a 4-day conference on the cults was very informative and helpful to our congregation. He has done his homework and can be a great asset in helping any local church understand the beliefs of various cults with the purpose of being able to more effectively share the Gospel with them. His humor makes his presentations enjoyable to listen to. As Pastor, I received nothing but positive feedback from my people about Jay’s ministry with us. I would commend Jay and his ministry to any local church that is concerned about reaching other religions/cults with the Gospel.”
Doug Browning, Pastor

Kirtland Bethel Bible Church

Kirtland, Ohio