About FORGE Communities

We believe that the flourishing of all families in the communities we serve makes the entire community stronger.  Because of this we want to invest in the physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of the families we serve! 

*FREE* Sports Leagues

We offer FREE sports leagues for kids from K – 5th Grade.  Because of generous people like you, every kid plays on scholarship

Food Bank

Every Tuesday morning we open our 

Guilford County Food Bank from 10 am – 11:30 am.

The food pantry is open to anyone in the surrounding communities in need of assistance.

The vision of FORGE Communities is a Triad community made stronger by the flourishing of ALL families.  Our values are Prayer, Faith, Generosity, Diverse Community and Family, and the ultimate purpose of everything we do is to see Triad families flourish as we share the love of Jesus and to see lives changed through the Gospel.   

All of this happens through relationships, and a hard reality for most churches is that it is very difficult to build deep relationships outside those who worship with them each Sunday.  As it is said, people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

FORGE Communities begins with youth sports infused with Christian teaching and mentoring, which itself provides an important outlet for children to grow and learn, both physically and spiritually.  Sports activities and events also provide opportunities to connect with families, and to invite them into Christian fellowship in a more comfortable and less intimidating environment, one in which they are already voluntarily participating.  

Ultimately lives are transformed through the Gospel, and our goal is to introduce Jesus to those who do not yet know Him, growing a local body of Christ in each location where FORGE sports programs operate.

In this, FORGE Communities exists as an extension of the Triad body of Christ, providing an avenue for other church bodies in other locations to invest in those communities in greatest need and to facilitate the spread of the Gospel.  We believe that relatively small investments can produce immeasurable dividends in our community.