About Us
How we got started…
Honestly, we’re still getting started! Even though we began in 2006, this ministry has been a part-time endeavor, a labor of love for God and His people, that we squeeze in around the bazillion responsibilities in a given day. We are a group of women who use the gifts He’s given us to deliver training and encouragement to His children. We got started initially when the training company I was working for part-time (a job I absolutely LOVED, by the way) told me they wanted to hire tutors and baby sitters for my kids so I could manage more trainers and teach more classes. I started sensing that God had different ideas, and that NOW (2006) might be the time to give life to the dream He placed within me fifteen years before, when I started doing training. I wanted to equip His people to “make a greater impact” in their circles of influence. I quit my job and started the ministry.

Daughters of Sarah was started while I began writing our leadership and public speaking training class, The Greater Impact Course. I kept running into marriage materials and sensing God’s leading to write Daughters first. The neat thing is that in doing this, God created within me a desire to “get it right at home,” regardless of what we wanted to do with the ministry. This has helped create a neat environment for our team. We’re a bunch of part-time workers, retired women, stay-at-home-moms, and some of us home school. We always put the needs of the women and their families in our ministry ahead of the needs of the ministry, which has helped us “keep the main thing, the main thing.” As a result, we’ve made decisions with our families in mind first – for example, I only travel to speak 4-6 times a year, as I don’t feel led to trade raising my kids and time with my husband for ministry work. We take a lot of time off in the summer. We also don’t require a lot of meetings, and try to be an encouragement to each other as friends first. This also fits with the Daughters philosophy, as we encourage women to deeply connect with each other and do life together. The Respect Dare evolved out of Daughters of Sarah, and we’re just trying to do the next thing He lays in front of us.

So what we do is…
Greater Impact Ministries, Inc. is an organization that provides in person and online biblical training for men and women, to equip them to make a greater impact for the Lord in all they do. Greater Impact Ministries also provides supporting resources to strengthen and sustain participants in their personal and professional endeavors. We love the Lord and seek Him first in all that we do.

Greater Impact Ministries, Inc. is a biblical training organization purposed to equip men and women to make a greater impact in all that they do, for the Lord Jesus Christ. As an organization, first and foremost, we are committed to God. We follow His direction and His timing, and we pursue excellence in all that we do to glorify Him. This applies to how we deliver training courses, select facilitators and trainers, as well as how we manage the business. All of our ministry team members are expected to develop and pursue relationship with Jesus on a consistent basis. We are stewards with any resources God provides for our ministry – our primary objective is to carry out His desires for this ministry, and to honor His trust.

Greater Impact Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational, tax-exempt non-profit training organization that seeks to help people make a greater impact for the Lord in all they do. We equip wives, mothers, and fathers, in deepening their relationship with God, using the Holy Bible as a guide.

Greater Impact provides live training experiences via weekend retreats, speaking engagements, and on-line courses. We also provide Bible study and small group materials to sustain participants in their growth.