Nancy Panko is a gifted and inspiring guest.
Her novel, Guiding Missal, was conceived as she began to recreate
her father-in-law’s military history as a birthday gift for her
husband and led her on a path of discovery.
This interview is your ticket to an incredible timeless
journey of faith, patriotism and battlefield miracles
The spirited Military Missal takes its reader on an odyssey across
a span of fifty years with three generations of military men. From
the Battle of the Bulge in WWII to the dusty streets of Mogadishu,
Somalia in 1993, A tiny Military Missal, intercedes with divine
power. Based on actual events, Guiding Missal will help you
understand why soldiers are “old” at twenty-five or why they
become angry when someone disrespects the American flag.
Guiding Missal’s timeless journey of faith, patriotism, and miracles
will touch your heart as the missal and the men call out to God for
guidance, protection, and a safe return home.

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