Changing The World Starts With Jesus.

As a Christian, you’ve experienced the life-changing transformation that Jesus brings. You know the difference He’s made in your life, and you desire the same for others. Sadly, the world is broken and too many people are living without hope – without the knowledge of God’s redemptive love and forgiveness. In fact, over 2.1 billion people (1 in 4 individuals) have never heard the Good News – not even once. Deprived of the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are living in Gospel poverty – perhaps the greatest injustice in the world today.

“There is only one answer – reconciliation to God and to each other through Jesus Christ. There is no shortcut, no easy way. Governments cannot bring peace. Education cannot bring salvation. Business and industry cannot bring healing. Psychology and sociology cannot bring joy. Only Christ can bring reconciliation to the world.”DR. JOHN EDMUND HAGGAI, FOUNDER

Haggi International