Meet the OAR Foundation

 The OAR Foundation is a mission minded 501c3 non profit global project organization that seeks for opportunities that will make a difference in people’s lives and develops actions plans that will obtain results to further the Kingdom. Our organization works with businesses, churches, and individuals that have a desire to do God’s work, but sometimes need additional support, organization, and guidance in reaching their goals.

The OAR Foundation was founded in 2003 by a few individuals who were working on a food relief and supplies project in Iraq. They saw how projects were being organized, executed and the need for better planning and execution. The founders saw the importance of involving businesses, individuals and church organizations to bring together all the resources to achieve each project objective.

A unique and diverse ministry, The OAR Foundation looks for Opportunities that will further the kingdom. Once identified, an Action plan is developed to see what it will take to obtain Results. Resources are identified, costs finalized, plans are developed and funding is placed in God’s hands to see how He will take and deliver each project. Our straight forward business approach to doing projects ensures that each project will stand on its own merits.

Our projects have taken our teams all over the world. In some cases, it has meant working in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, The United States, and Latin America or in our own community. Every project has a sponsor who has the spirit and desire, but might need assistance in getting their project organized and delivered.

The OAR Foundation focuses on connecting Christian businessmen, individuals and churches with those who have needs through out the world. During the course of providing physical and emotional support, we develop relationships and find we earn the right to share our faith with those we get to work with.