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A story of a sister who lost her life on the mission field or maybe she found it.. Written by her sister, Charity Martin

“I want my life to count, beyond what I am capable of ever doing alone. I long to leave a mark on the world. I know I’m just a shy, southern, homeschooled girl, but maybe God will use me anyway.” These are the words of an unassuming girl, a girl who never could have imagined God would, indeed, choose to use her mightily for His kingdom. It’s a story about facing the things that make you afraid, about choosing to be who God asks you to be instead of who you could be on your own, about learning to be brave. “This is a compelling true life story of a young girl who made her life count, to the ends of the earth and back.” Ron Luce, president and founder of Teen Mania Ministries “Some of the greatest steps of obedience are taken in obscurity; obedience not for fame or notoriety, but simply for faithfulness. This book reminds us of the joy that comes as we are willing to surrender everything to Jesus and the mission He lays before us.” Justin Davis, co-author of “Beyond Ordinary” and co-founder of RefineUs Ministries From eyewitness accounts and the actual journal entries of a regular girl, you will get a glimpse into a living, breathing miraculous life…and a look at how that miracle continues today.