With just two weeks left until the new year, holiday homelessness and cold weather are exacting a toll on thousands of Americans.

Most of us have driven past a homeless person a holding a hand-written sign reading “I’ll Work for Food” but what might surprise us is that many of those people were college educated, had families, successful businesses, served in the military, or worked as attorneys or accountants.

Joining us today is Ph.D. Jeremy Reynalds, once homeless himself, is the founder of what is now New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless center.



Dr. Jeremy Reynalds was born in England and immigrated to the US in 1978. In 1986, Reynalds founded and runs Joy Junction, now New Mexico’s largest homeless shelter, with his wife Elma. Dr. Reynalds writes for the ASSIST News Service, has authored several books, holds a master’s degree in communication and a Ph.D. in intercultural education.  http://JoyJunction.org

ABOUT “TWO HEARTS ONE VISION: Helping the Homeless Together,” by Jeremy Reynalds Ph.D.

The book, “Two Hearts One Vision: Helping the Homeless Together,” by Jeremy Reynalds Ph.D., could be described as: One Plus One = Thousands. One man goes from homelessness to providing refuge for others. A woman with the same vision comes across his path. The intersection of two hearts results in a multiplication of blessing and supply for the homeless of New Mexico.

Jeremy Reynalds and his wife Elma came from different worlds. Reynalds, who founded and runs New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter says, “God knew I needed a partner.”

The inspirational story of two hearts joined and two lives lived for others, and the changed lives of those who encounter Jeremy and Elma at Joy Junction. A riveting account of open hearts and limitless possibilities.