Melissa Rosenberger: In the path to attain one of the most sought-after and difficult to attain professional qualifications took 13 years of academic study and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet a decade later, she walked away from her career as a physician. And she didn’t know where she was going. She prayerfully responded to a call on her life to leave medicine and follow God wherever He would lead her. He led her to serve using her creative talents as a writer.

Her first novel, In the Shadow of the King, Book One in the Unveiled Series, releases in June. The series takes a look at the family of Jesus and the life of Christ, telling the story through the eyes of his sister. With careful attention to scripture and historic detail of life in first-century Israel, Rosenberger imagines what Jesus might have seemed like to his contemporaries, including his own family members. For more information about Rosenberger and her writing, visit https:/

Growing up, Hannah knows her brother Yeshua is odd. Yet she can’t understand why adults lavish such attention on him. She never would imagine her mother’s explanation of ancient prophecies and angelic visitations. Yeshua, the Anointed One of Israel? Hannah scoffs at the idea while watching her brother for signs of greatness. When tragedy devastates the family and Yeshua does nothing more than pray, Hannah’s heart shatters. She rejects Yeshua’s advice to trust him and, driven by fear, takes radical steps to secure her future happiness.
Years pass and Hannah finds herself shamed by barrenness in a loveless marriage. And once more, it’s Yeshua’s name on everyone’s lips. Only now, his rebellious actions threaten not only her tenuous standing with her in-laws, but possibly her life. Determined to stop his dangerous exploits, Hannah travels to Capernaum to confront Yeshua. What she discovers there both amazes and frightens her. When Yeshua again asks for her trust, Hannah must make a decision. Should she jeopardize all she has left in the hope that Yeshua will reign? But how can a carpenter triumph where princes and armies have failed before? Can she risk believing Yeshua is who he says he is?