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Jesus Descended To Hell So You Would Not Have To: Unlocking the Centuries-Old Easter Mystery of Christ’s One Sacrifice in Two Events–Blood and Fire

What happened to Jesus? Jesus Christ was crucified, dead, buried, descended to hell.… These were the three most important days of the Son of God and world history, and we don’t know what happened to Jesus during those days! This has been a mystery, even a hidden secret for centuries, maybe until now! Jesus Descended to Hell for You addresses that those three days are explained in the Old Testament stories in the Bible. For the untrained in biblical prophecy, it is similar to how Indiana Jones in his movies could decipher from mysterious clues where the treasure he was seeking was hidden. Jesus Descended to Hell is easy to read as, chapter by chapter, this mechanical engineer using over 300 Scriptures gives us an adventure to the truth. Coyle dispels the myths that our tradition has taught for centuries that have contributed to Jesus’ experience in hell being a mystery, even a secret. Now it is unlocked! Few people will ever tell you the untold one half of the gospel Easter story of how Jesus redeemed the human race. Now it is explained and told in Jesus Descended to Hell for You: Unlocking the Centuries-Old Easter Mystery, One Sacrifice in Two Events, Blood and Fire!