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Book Summary

Joe created some special hair goo,

wanting to know all it would do!

He tried transforming his cat and his neighbor

and truly thought he was doing them all a favor!

However, Joe learned an important lesson along the way

that he really wants to share with you today!


Author: Diane Heines

Diane Heines has always had a fondness for books and writing in large part due to the endless hours spent at the library with her father and brother. She is fluent in Portuguese thanks to her native-born parents and in her free time enjoys traveling and crafting. Inspired by an old photo hanging in her father-in-law’s bathroom that he drew in sixth grade, Joe’s Hair Grow is Diane’s first children’s book. She currently plans international events for a large Christian humanitarian relief organization and resides in the mountains of North Carolina with her family and little bird, Watson.

Diane Heines


Amy Hathcock: Illustrator

Amy Hathcock is an artist, graphic/web designer, illustrator and photographer who has worked in the areas of professional sports and higher education. She enjoys reading, creating art, photography, and spending time with friends and family in her home state of North Carolina.

Amy Hathcock