Born in Charleston, South Carolina, into a family of talented musicians and vocalists Marcus Brown, an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter,film director, mixing engineer and producer, was destined to share his genius and zeal for music with the world!At the age of four, a time when most children were still learning life’s basics, Marcus took a strong interest in playing the organ at his church. Close friends and family began to notice that music flowed naturally from his soul, and he was compelled to explore his gift!Being self-taught and persistent toward his dream, Marcus was already rising and gaining recognition on the professional music circuit but he was still eager to grow more as an artist. His world opened up at the age of 19, when Marcus was taught by close friend and fellow musician,Fred Noble (Founder and Owner of Noble’s Nu Sound Music Program) to read music. This propelled Marcus’ musical journey to a much higher level and opened up many new opportunities for him.

60 Impromptu from Eyesore Productions on Vimeo.

For starters,at age 20, Marcus appeared at the legendary Apollo Theatre in New York City, NY accompanying soloist Marques Johnson, founder of the MJ Dream Coalition This was only the beginning of many collaborations with prolific artists including James Gaiters, Jon Lampley, Dan White,, and percussionist and vocalist, Charles Lamont Garner of the Charles Lamont Quartet.Throughout his career, Marcus continued to study, collaborate, transform, and tackle new challenges.

In 2012 – 2013, he served as film composer and music supervisor for the films “Crime City Diaries” Entries 1 and 2. This television short series was written, produced, and directed by Larry “Legend” Spivey Jr. In 2016, Marcus was the musical director of The “Living the Dream” Conference which was hosted by Marques T. Johnson and featured national recording artist, Kim Burrell as the special guest.Over three decades, Marcus has been influenced by gospel, R&B, soul, classical, classic rock,and jazz music genres from birth! His hard work, keen ear, and adventurous spirit has lead him to develop his unique and ever evolving style which incorporates jazz, techno, house, and electronica music. He passionately describes his music as lively and full of energy! Marcus has had the pleasure of sharing his music in over 20 countries across Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. His debut album “60 Impromptu Vol. 1” received radio airplay in more than 27 countries, and it continues to inspire nations! While Marcus has achieved so much, he believes that he is only at the inception of his musical vision. He strives to continue to grow in his artistry and to be known internationally for his work as a film composer, solo artist, producer, and songwriter. Marcus has had the pleasure.