What if this one weekend wasn’t up to you?


Do you have it all together? Do you play the role of “Christian” well and don’t need any advice on faith, living a godly lifestyle or being a good husband? Great! We are looking for men just like you. And if you are unlike the description above and are searching for any anchor to keep you afloat in today’s world then even better. You are not only invited but you are welcome here. The Masculine Journey is for any man, young and old, who is looking, searching, and ready to discover the larger story within.


Experience God and His creation like never before by digging deeper into who He created you to be within the masculine journey. This is not a men’s retreat. This is an opportunity to walk along side other men as you both discover your purpose, passions, and who God designed you to be within your masculine heart. Enjoy time of hiking, fishing, shooting, and genuine conversations with The Father, good food, bonfires and incredible men just like you.

when + Where

Thursday November 7th 5:30pm thru November 10th at Noon

Mocksville, North Carolina

Carolina Bible Camp & Retreat Center

1988 Jericho Church Rd

Mocksville, NC


Sometimes life’s greatest answers come at the quest of our own story. Often you find your life to be mundane, or just dull, missing something and you are seeking something far greater than your daily routine. Maybe you find yourself with supreme Bible knowledge but zero relationship with The Lord, or quite possibly you might not know Jesus at all. Either way, The Masculine Journey Bootcamp offers you a lifetime experience of walking with God. sign up

The Masculine Journey

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