Regardless of your worldview, wouldn’t you welcome more peace and contentment into your life? For over 30 years, Brad Bartlett has been on a quest for spiritual discovery. After cramming as much “Christian” information and service in as possible, he decided “being” for God is more important than “doing” for God. He transitioned from a flawed childhood and many life failures that left him wandering in life’s wilderness, to Bible study, prayer, journaling and mentorship with this motivating question, “What did the New Testament Church have which is missing in many modern-day churches?”

Mended in a Broken World: Living with Peace and Contentment is a product of Brad’s spiritual journey. It presents powerful passages of Scripture, asks probing questions and offers practical solutions to many problems. So, join in this journey to wholeness and discover true peace and contentment found in the timeless truths of God’s Word.