Join us for this year’s Christmas production!

Merry and Bright, a Christmas Story is a musical stage production that will be a treat for the whole family! This story is a family-filled, Christ-focused, and a funny escape from the sometime stressful chaos that we ourselves create during the holiday season! Bring your family and friends and arrive early for hot chocolate, cookies, and season-filled photo opts.

When: December 1-3, 7 PM nightly

(Free event/Nursery provided)

Deaf Interpretation on 12/2!

Where: Triad Baptist Church – Worship Center

This year’s Christmas drama production, entitled Merry and Bright, is a play that deals with the age-old habit of trying so hard to create a perfect holiday season that the true meaning Christmas gets “lost” in the shuffle. Through the use of comedic story tellers–who interact with the audience–a major conflict is created for the main characters of this year’s story, the Foster family. Mom, Kate, wants with all her heart to give her children a magical, peaceful, Christ-centerd Christmas experience. Searching for the perfect resolution, the small church pastor, his choir, and the children in the church, teach Kate the value of letting go and letting God be in control.

The production will include several songs performed by soloists and a special ensemble (12-15 singers) who interact as the “choir” in the fictional church of our story.

The idea for this year’s story is loosely based on the song The Angel’s Sang. When I began writing this year’s play, I wanted to incorporate some relevant aspects of our culture that interfere with our authentic worship–social media, for example, being a platform that sometimes takes precedence over family time, “realness,” and our worshiping God as a body of believers. Of course, we can not tell this story with out drawing attention to the “hustle and bustle” of the season which cause many distractions and stressful situations for us all.
Braden McKinley will produce the music and lead the songs all as a part of the stage production. The music will be performed with more of an acoustic/broadway style rather than a contemporary worship style with a song list that ranges from fun and merry (First Snowfall of the Winter, Holly Jolly Christmas, and Nuttin’ for Christmas, to name a few) to holy and sacred (O Little Town of Bethlehem, Love is Here, Circle of Love). Merry and Bright, an original lullaby written by Hannah Wilson, sets the tone of this year’s story.
I am once again looking forward to directing this year’s production along with Drew Poplin and Wendy Fulp and am excited to be working with the “TBC VBS Set Team” to create this year’s simple, yet beautiful stage. Our team of very talented actors, musicians, and technicians are excited to begin work on this year’s production in early September.
Merry Christmas and Many Blessings!
Jeremy Chandler
Creative Communications Director