MORE is an international mission organization that seeks to equip and inspire suffering Christians in personal and practical ways around the world. Founded in 2010, MORE offers entrepreneurial training, resettlement, and microfinancing to Christian families in areas affected by severe persecution, wars, or natural disasters. Join me in this incredible opportunity to touch the lives of Christians around the world!

It is MORE’s mission to go beyond the limits of simply being a missionary organization and to spark a transformational movement that will connect the Free Church and the Suffering Church. Together, we can be the response to the cries of those that are suffering today.


MORE began after the 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti when churches around the world responded to the cries for help from our Haitian brothers and sisters. That experience showed the need for an international organization that could devote itself to serving and empowering the Suffering Church around the world.

Through that experience, we quickly realized that direct assistance alone is not enough to have a lasting impact on those who are suffering. Therefore, MORE refocused it’s support efforts towards community development projects. After the initial relief work, we then transitioned towards long-term, sustainable solutions like microcredit funding for local Christian families and the training and equipping of individuals to start ongoing social programs within the community.

MORE International has since then started ten bases around the world.

Become a partner

It is our calling to be a bridge between the American Church and the Suffering Church located near our base(s) of operations. We have seen how that connection, of contrasted realities, impacts both participants in a healthy and life-giving way, both for the Free Church and for the Suffering Church.

If your organization is interested in knowing more about one of our locations and how you can partner more closely with that base/project click here to contact us

If you’re a corporate leader, pastor, or business owner we’d like to challenge you to partner with us by becoming a corporate sponsor of one of our base locations or projects. We know that the church is the catalyst for missions and that it plays a vital role in providing spiritual and financial support to the work of missionaries around the world. We are asking you to assume a central role in this regard by providing that spiritual and financial support for one base location which you choose.

In this way you will have a direct impact on God’s work on earth and develop a deeper, personal relationship as you liaison directly with your chosen missionary team.