The National Black Pro-Life Coalition is a network of Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations committed to restoring a culture that celebrates Life and Family cultivating Hope in the Black community. Please read our Vision, Mission, commitment to Non-Violence and Core Values statements below to learn more about us. Click here to check out our Pro-Life Links page.



To end abortion by restoring a culture of Life and the foundation of Family in the Black community.


We will promote traditional family values, from a Biblical worldview, to produce strong and healthy families where babies are safe and able to reach their full potential in life. Through education and awareness media campaigns, community events, political action, lobbying and coalition building of Pro-Life and Pro-Family advocacy groups, we will restore Life, Family and Hope in the Black community.


The National Black Pro-Life Coalition, in line with Biblical teaching, unambiguously and emphatically rejects violence as a solution to the abortion crisis. Inflicting harm on any individual or property is not an acceptable way of resolving any social problem the American public currently faces. We respect and cherish the lives even of those with whom we strongly disagree.

No person who carries out, intends to carry out, or theoretically justifies any act of violence has any part in our organization or our efforts. Abortion is a violent reprehensible act that is carried out thousands of times a day. In our efforts to abolish this violence, we are committed to the pursuit of non-violence and will always advance a

climate where that understanding is embraced.


  We believe we are all deliberate creations, of one blood, made in the image of God.

  We believe children are essential and deserve protection, legal personhood, nurture, and love in the womb and throughout childhood.


  We believe the foundation of a stable and healthy society is rooted in the marriage of one man and one woman.

  We believe the community is the visible expression of life.

  We believe the viability of a nation is dependent upon its value of human life in all stages.