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Nashville Christian Producers Fundraising and Creating Amazing New Movie Genre, The Stereoscopic 3D Christian Science Fiction Film

Nashville, Tennessee– C.H.A.M.P.S. motion pictures in Nashville is passionate about preserving traditional Christian faith and values in an American media culture beset by atheistic propaganda coming out every year from the Hollywood media machine.

Co-Producer Kathy Amidon from Nashville is raising vital funds via a crowdfunding event online. The movie, the budget of which is also designed to begin the launching of a Christian motion picture studio in Nashville, is called “Bravery; On Wings Like Eagles”, and details a high tech Orwellian future world in which Christianity is about to be eradicated for all time unless the small underground can turn the “Great Eye” technology back onto the leaders and expose those leaders to the world.

Kathy, said: “Nothing like this has ever been done before, and we have proved we can do it with our 4-minute and 30-second promotional trailer in 3D.”

No stranger to achieving the impossible, Kathy organized and led the first and only successful boycott of Fox news, demanding that Fox return to the conservative base which made the news network successful, and did so before it was fashionable to voice those concerns, as it is today. The boycotts led to an overall drop of 22% in Fox ratings which has still not fully recovered after well over a year. This boycott was covered by major outlets such as Newsweek, Huffington Post and others.

Amidon also led a Twitter campaign to encourage Republican House Representatives to co-sponsor Rep Wolf’s resolution for a Benghazi select committee, which House members were reluctant to do. The fact of the 3 effusive letters from Wolf thanking the campaign and citing the results, and the fact that a Benghazi select committee now exists, says volumes of Amidon’s ability to change the world.

She, and her NYC producing partner on the east coast, have now set their goal to restore Christianity in the public square by making it popular among the 3-D / sci-fi-centric youth and fence-sitters with a new production group to be based in Christian-friendly Tennessee and producing a genuinely new motion picture genre, the Christian Science Fiction Movie.

The fundraising website with the 4 minute and 30 second special-effects-heavy promotional trailer is and the crowdfunding direct site is