Friday, March 30th @ 6:30 pm
We will be having a Passover Seder on March 30th, “Good Friday”. It’s Pastor’s heart for us to not only celebrate, but also lead us in this celebration. The different elements of the feast are packed with symbolism that speaks of the coming Messiah. Believer or unbeliever, this will be an eye-opening time for everyone in attendance. Get your ticket and get a ticket for a lost loved one as soon as possible, as seating will be limited.

For those who haven’t attended a traditional Passover Seder here at The Bridge, what should be expected: Prophetic elements will be brought to life as we discuss a bit, then eat a bit, and continue in that cycle. It is a scripture-filled, 3-hour walk through the Passover Seder and will help you to discover the significance of the Last Supper and original Passover in the book of Exodus. This will be something that will be heart changing and something that you will never forget.

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