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This 15-week course on Monday nights (starting January 6) can forever change your perspective on life! 

Register at for a $50 discount.Click here to view an informational video on Perspectives.

Welcome Jesus Junkets Listeners!

“Welcome to a course that can change your perspective on life. Because you have listened to Jesus Junkets (on the air & on the podcast every other Saturday), we are glad to offer you a $30 discount to take the 15-week course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Jesus Junkets enables you to take individual journeys to hear what God is doing around the world. Perspectives enables you to take a journey in-person with other believers to learn what God has been doing globally & eternally — and how you can join in! You don’t have to just listen to other people’s stories; you can be a part of His Story! If you accept this invitation to take the course, I believe God will radically impact your life through Perspectives like He has done in my life. “

— Matt Willis, Missions Pastor at Calvary in Winston-Salem, NC

$30 Discounts available for Jesus Junkets listeners

Visit to find a Perspectives class in your state or refer to the map and list of participating classes below. These are links to register for one of the Spring 2020 classes that are offering the $30 discount for Jesus Junkets listeners. If your closest class isn’t listed here, they likely offer other discounts such as an early-bird registration. Register today & get ready to have your perspective changed!

Spring 2020 discount class participants (check the list below for a class near you)