How they do what they DO..

Substance Recovery:

We have a Substance and Stronghold Recovery Program, created by a team of professionals in the field of substance abuse and strongholds. Each lady is offered teaching, individual counseling by a trained substance counselor, group counseling, mentorship,

accountability and peer support.

Renewing the Mind:

It is common that many of the ladies that have sexual trauma have conditions such as anxiety, depression, add/adhd, learning difficulties, PTSD, insomnia and other sleep disorders. Studies have shown that these conditions can be improved by training the brain using Neurofeedback.  With healthier brain functions the practices learned in counseling show greater overall healing.

Relational and Social Re-acclamation:

Redeeming Joy understands the struggles to trust relationally and socially for someone who has been sexually exploited. We desire to replace painful experiences with society that have created unhealthy relationships, with opportunities for healing and restoration. We provide safe opportunities for our clients to experience healthy relationships through volunteering both within the house (family environment), and as healing happens out of the house. Helping others in the community brings great rewards, and often healing.

Family Restoration:

Many of the women we have helped thus far, and the ones that will come through our doors, have children and desire to be reconciled with them. Redeeming Joy desires to partner with a private foster care program to offer therapeutic care to the children of our clients. By offering local therapeutic foster care programs to their children, it allows the mother to get the care she needs while still being able to reconnect in a healthy way with her child/ren.  Mother and child will receive counseling together, and be encouraged to work towards transitioning back to a place where mother can with confidence independently care for her child/ren.

Community Outreach/Vocational and Life Skills:

Redeeming Joy has a passion to meet the ladies in need where they are.  Our community outreach is a safe place for any lady in need.  We meet in different safe locations and offer opportunities to grow.  Currently, we are offering therapeutic art classes, bible studies and a journaling class. Vocational skills and life skills are offered to each client. We are partnered with our community to provide education, budgeting skills, parenting skills, resume building, and job searches specific to each client’s unique giftings and dreams.

Self Care Therapy:

Self-care is a means of grace to allow time for renewal and rest. We offer this in the form of Art Therapy, open studio, Music Therapy and Equine Therapy. Self-care comes in many forms, and as we are best able, we will meet our clients’ self-care needs.