Rick Eldridge, producer and CEO of independent film house ReelWorks Studios, has partnered with Christian Cinema for on-demand digital streaming of the hit theatrical release, The Trump Prophecy.

Since 1999, Christian Cinema has provided Christian entertainment to families of faith with more ways to watch than ever, keeping the user’s entire Christian library organized and ready to play.

Rick Eldridge says, “Christian Cinema has delivered for us by making our film accessible immediately – thereby meeting the demand of our growing audience worldwide.  We’re thrilled to partner with them, and overwhelmed at the number of viewers they’ve been able to reach in such a short timeframe!”

“Linking arms with Rick on The Trump Prophecy was a no-brainer. Our viewers are looking for this level of quality in their entertainment and they want to know it’s message is aligned with their beliefs.  Rick’s studio is trusted  — and his reputation as a producer, screenwriter and director, has been proven over many years of experience as a content provider. Our viewers trust us for content they can believe in, and we trust Rick to deliver a quality product,” says Debbie Korte, Content Licensing Manager, Christian Cinema.

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About Christian Cinema: 

Since 1999 Christian Cinema has amassed and curated the world’s largest selection of Christian movies from leading Christian filmmakers. Christian Cinema is the largest faith and family-based provider of Digital HD content to buy or rent. Christian Cinema’s world-class digital platform is integrated across seven major platforms: Apple TV, iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire Tablets. With no monthly subscriptions and no commitments, viewers pay only for the movies they watch.

About ReelWorks Studios:

ReelWorks Studios, LLC was founded by Rick Eldridge in August of 2009 as a production services and distribution management company. Business offices are located in Charlotte, North Carolina with representation and offices in Santa Monica, California. CEO, Rick Eldridge, has been in the entertainment business for over 35 years as a producer, director, musician, and creative visionary. The company now has over 100 titles under management comprised of feature film, television programming and digital media.