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This ministry extends the relationship enhancing tools readers have found in our books to live pastoral counseling sessions with Dr. Reggie.


The aim of our Divorce Proof Marriage (DPM) products and services are to provide convenient, affordable and empowering guidance on improving your relationship with your spouse and utilize the principles from God’s word to achieve the marriage you always dreamed of having.

Pastoral Counseling

Our individualized pastoral counseling services are the ultimate solution for couples who…

  • Need one-on-one support
  • Are unable to travel
  • Have access to a computer or smart phone

Sessions in this service are available in 1 hour or 4 hour blocks, with discounted rates available.  With pastoral counseling services, you’ll get the guidance you need with God’s wisdom.

From your home or while on-the-go, you will be able to connect to a pastoral counseling session with Dr. Reggie.

To schedule a pastoral counseling session with Dr. Reggie, please contact us(888) 805-4950