is the web home for Adrena-Live! Why roots? The word root is defined as “the part of a plant, typically underground, that conveys nourishment to the rest of the plant”. It’s also defined as “the basic cause, source or origin of something”. Combine the two definitions and you have the meaning of Roots4Health! Adrena-Live adresses the root cause of today’s most prevelent disorders with the roots that have been proven to help the body overcome them!

Research from around the world shows that the roots of some plants contain powerful nutrients that may provide many health benefits. Natural healers, nutritionists and herbalists have taught that the body can heal itself and obtain optimum health if given the right nutients. Our bodies were designed to utilize food (and herbs) for nutrients and medicine!

Adrena-Live was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Blair based on years of research from around the world. It contains roots from India and Siberia used for centuries as powerful healing foods. Traditional Indian (Ayurveda) and Chinese medicine lists these roots as natural medicines used safely for several thousand years with many health benefits.

The healthiest people around the world utilize proper diet, nutrition, exercise and herbal remedies! The Herb Doctor and Roots4Health bring you Nature’s Original Remedies!
Dr. Jeffrey Blair has studied nutrition and herbal remedies for over 20 years. He earned a Doctoral Degree in Nutritional Science and is a Master Herbalist. Dr. Blair is Board Certified in Nutrition and Alternative Medicine by the AAMA. He is the author of Dear God, Why Am I So Tired? and has been interviewed on world-wide television and radio. Dr. Blair has been a consultant to physicians and nutritional supplement companies and has lectured around the country. His passion is studying and teaching the latest research from around the world.