Real Men, Real Life, Real Impact


What do NASCAR, the United States military and churches around the world have in common?  There are Christian men.  And there’s Rough Cut Men!

Picture this. Men from all walks of life: every age, color, denomination, status and region. Their over-committed, over-burdened lives come to a screeching halt as they sit captivated by the screen in front of them. They laugh, they cry, they ponder the similarities between these characters and their own.

Every week, men walk in and out of churches, yet almost always miss what God has for them. They hear messages about different topics.  They are asked to serve, pray, usher, greet, help with kids, play the drums with the worship team and be better men for Christ.  Yet they are never given a compelling reason to go beyond “performance based” Christianity.  “Why am I here?”, they ask themselves. And they are so steeped in the troubles of the world, that the transforming power of Jesus has been overshadowed by foreclosures, war, internet pornography and failed marriages.  In the hearts of most men, the white noise of the world has drowned out His still, small voice.


The sad fact is that most Christian men in America today have hundreds of acquaintances and no real friends. We shake hands with many, yet know very few. There is a saying in business, “Your system is perfectly designed to produce the results that you are getting”.  Our discipleship system in the church is perfectly designed for the men that we have sitting in the pews…or not sitting in the pews, as the case may be.

Furthermore, our culture has become one of the most prevalent ways that our men are forming their worldview.  Pop culture, especially television and movies, has depicted men as watered down wimps who have no solid ground upon which to stand.  These fictitious characters have become the new “normal”, discarding any semblance of faith, integrity or leadership.

Through the ROUGH CUT MEN experience, men see how the pop culture that has played a role in forming men can be used to develop relationships between them.


Throughout the event, we watch movie clips which reflect where men are, in an effort to get them into David and Jonathan relationships with one another.  The Bible says, “Pity the man who falls and has no one to pick him up”…we all need to be back-to-back with someone in order to be victorious in the battle for men’s souls.  Simply put, we help every David meet his Jonathan, and vice versa.

Relationships are the axis upon which discipleship revolves.  Until the walls of self-preservation that the world puts around men fall down, discipleship will yet be another “task” assigned by the church.  Until we realize that we are not alone, we will live in our own walled-in world.

With the help of ROUGH CUT MEN, these walls are going to come down.

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