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The Bible is the bestselling book in human history. Yet, many people have very limited knowledge of its content. They have never read it for themselves. Or, their reading has been sporadic and cursory. Route 66 is a unique tool for anyone who would like to get a better perspective on each of the 66 books of the Bible, and their implications for life. The author’s unique approach uses beautiful original digital paintings to capture one of the key messages in each book. Of course, each book of the Bible contains more than one topic, but the author focuses on the message that spoke most deeply to his own heart as he read and studied the book. The paintings reflect the creativity of God that dwells in the heart of every human. They also illustrate the old saying, “one picture is worth a thousand words.” However, with each painting there are words. The brief devotionals which accompany each painting lead the reader to apply the message behind the painting to their own life. Challenges to pray, help someone, thank someone, and examine your own words and actions will make this book more than an academic exercise. Parents will find this book helpful in exposing their children to the basic teachings of the Bible. The paintings will provoke thought in the mind of a child. Questions like, “Mom, what does this picture mean?” will offer opportunities to dialogue with your children. Even teenagers will find this book interesting and challenging. I don’t know of another book that connects people with the Bible by use of beautiful digital paintings and real-world application. I predict that Route 66 will be a legacy book passed from generation to generation.