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Africa beckons you with its beauty and splendor
Safari Professionals can bring this experience to you with your own personalized Private African Wildlife Viewing Expedition. You set the itinerary. The safari moves at your pace with a variety of well-planned excursions, accommodations, and meals designed to make yours the trip of a lifetime.

Since 1987, we have been designing and conducting private wildlife viewing expeditions that exceed the expectations of our travelers while protecting and enhancing the lives of the people and wildlife of Africa. Through a simple, yet thorough, planning process, we can help you identify and prioritize all the elements that will become your personal safari.

Planned entirely to accommodate your interests and needs, this is Africa as you have imagined it – the Africa of Theodore Roosevelt, Karen Blixen and Ernest Hemingway. The expansive savannas, stunning landscapes, untamed wildlife and ancestral tribes are all waiting for you.

IMPACTONAFRICA The Serengeti Shall Not Die!
In 1959, Dr. Bernard Grzimek declared that the “Serengeti Shall Not Die,” through his groundbreaking film and book of the same name. His Academy Award winning documentary introduced the Serengeti migration to a worldwide audience. Dr. Grzimek’s pioneering work led the way for today’s conservation scientists, who continue to probe the mysteries of life on the East African savanna.

Today, Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park faces the threat of a road being built in its northern region – across the centuries-old route of the Serengeti migration. Despite pressure from powerful voices from around the world, the plan for this road – dubbed the “Serengeti Highway” – has not been permanently abandoned.

Safari Professionals is teaming up with its IMPACTONAFRICA Council of Conservation and Scientific Advisors to encourage meaningful action to protect the Serengeti. Wildlife tourism is the primary reason the Serengeti has remained relatively intact and may be the best hope of insuring its survival. Therefore, one of the most important actions you may take to help in this initiative is to go to the Serengeti.

Safari Professionals will donate a minimum of 10% of the profits from all IMPACTONAFRICA Serengeti safaris to research and conservation projects reviewed by our Council of Conservation and Scientific Advisors.