Salt Now Project, a support Arm of Caritas Bukavu

“You are the salt of the earth, …” Matthew 5:13

Through our work, we seek to live who we are in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Trough our work, we inspire others to advocate and create a better world for all.

Our Vision

Be instrument of love, along with the Body of Christ serve the poor and promote Christian charity and justice

Our Mission

Salt Now Project, a support arm of Caritas Bukavu, raises financial and technical supports to benefit the family of God.

1000Smiles is a mean to share with you a smile from Rwanda, Africa, called the Country of Thousands Hills or the Land of Thousands Smiles.
1000 Smiles signifies and symbolizes everyone determination to rise above the devastating consequences of the genocide war, its ugliness and horror into something beautiful that together we can create; just like the artisans mostly vulnerable women come together to create these pieces from the sisal plant!
These women working in cooperatives use local traditional skills to create authentic designs into vibrant quality pieces while earning an acceptable wage for their work.
It is very interesting and captivating that, when they are working, these women pour their heart together talking, laughing and healing and creating and smiling!
1000Smiles, therefore, is a lively and dynamic African and Rwandan brand specialized in handmade craft showcasing and blending traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style into daily accessories such Jewelry.
1000Smiles brings pieces that will keep your day, your life smiling.