“The angels…regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evil befall us.” -John Calvin

Most hard-working families living in the shadow of the Lyon Brook Railroad Bridge are oblivious to the angels in their midst. However, Betsy Emig, a child on a nearby farm is born with an unusual gift – she can see and communicate with her guardian angel. Her young parents assume their precocious daughter has an imaginary friend until the three-year-old repeatedly tells them what she sees during incidents of undeniable angelic intervention. Butch and Mary Emig evolve as parents raising five children, one with unique abilities.


Picture PictureNancy Panko is a retired pediatric nurse and an award-winning author of Guiding Missal. She is a  sixteen-time contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul and has written for Guidepost and Woman’s World magazines. She is pictured here with her husband, Butch who is the second service member in Guiding Missal. Her novel has been a feature segment on the WRAL-TV series, The Tar Heel Traveler. Guiding Missal was a feature segment on WRAL-TV’s Tar Heel Traveler. Nancy has been featured in the Raleigh News and Observer’s Book Beat column by Cindy Schaefer, and interviewed on WTRU radio for Robby Dilmore’s show, Kingdom Pursuits. Guiding Missal was awarded a Silver Medal in the historical fiction category in 2017 by The Military Writers’ Society of America. Nancy’s newest book, Sheltering Angels, is a family saga about love, faith, guardian angels, and miracles that appeals to a wide readership from all walks of life.