Therapeutic Boarding School Featuring a Highly Effective Mix of the Most Successful Therapeutic Approaches and Experiences for Turning Around Teens Who are Struggling

Therapeutic Boarding School Providing Serious Help for Difficult Teens

SHA serves boys and girls 12-17 who have gotten off track in life. Our therapeutic boarding school has separate wilderness campuses for boys and girls, with our educational campus in the center. We use wilderness therapy since the greatest opportunity for character and educational growth happens once feelings of entitlement are diminished.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

Your teen’s journey in our therapeutic boarding school will include a blend of equine therapy, wilderness therapy, group therapy, family therapy and individualized therapy. Our “Unplugged Experiential Living” creates an uncluttered path to discover life’s deeper issues without cultural and media distractions. This back to nature experience improves critical, constructive and creative thinking capacities and promotes a genuine sense of identity, accomplishment, and a renewed desire to learn.

Unplugged from the Distractions to Healing

The therapeutic and spiritual value of our wilderness environment is unparalleled. Though we employ a myriad of therapeutic approaches, we also focus on building a relationship with Christ for true heart change. Our team of loving and caring Christian counselors and professionals never force their faith, but they gently demonstrate it in all they do and say.
Fully Accredited Education

SHA’s on-campus academy helps students keep on track in their school work and even get ahead. Students in our therapeutic boarding school recoup and repair diminished grades, while also preparing for college and career goals.