Short Term Missions

The purpose of our Short Term Mission ministry is to reach out beyond the walls of our local congregation in order to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, making disciples, and relating to the physical and spiritual needs of people.

“Making disciples” and “relating to people” involves using any available means to show and share the love of Jesus Christ. Evangelizing, encouraging, discipling, mentoring, church planting, church building, teaching, health clinics, disaster support, and aiding in relief and development are all ways to introduce God’s love to His people.

We are striving to accomplish these objectives through the support and involvement with Pinedale’s current missionaries and other ministry partners both here in the U.S. and around the world.

We also aim to stretch and strengthen people—both here at Pinedale and our missionaries in the field—by providing short-term ministry opportunities, cross-cultural experiences, missions awareness and education.