Heather Carter was a self-described “everyday, average girl” until disaster struck. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. Not only was she faced with a deadly disease, she contracted an infection and ended up in ICU for a week, intubated and hooked up to a mechanical life support system. She spent over 70 days in the hospital during her 7-month battle with Leukemia. During that time, she began writing. At first, she wrote just to update friends and family on her condition. It quickly morphed into something bigger. She began writing about the issues that affected her the most: anxiety, fear, control, faith, acceptance, and love.

Soul Selfie is a collection of the first 110 blog posts composed during that period and throughout her long path to recovery. During that battle, and through the parallel ordeal of dealing with a loved one’s addiction, she discovered the true meaning of faith and regained her hold on life. She also came to realize that she was not alone in her quest to conquer fear, worry, control and other plagues of the heart. Even though her cancer is now in remission, she continues to write so she can encourage others and let them know that they are not alone as they confront life’s tragedies and daily trials.