A unique place of worship and fellowship designed specifically for people with special needs and their families.

All are welcome and encouraged to come.

Sparrow Ranch on the Island is a nonprofit ministry for  people with special needs and their families.  It was a vision given to founder Ricky Teal and it all takes place right on the sandy shores of Lake Wylie, SC. Our worship team “Sparrow Ranch Bethany” is excited to be releasing our very first single called “Paint My Life A Love Song” featuring Heather Elkin McKoy.  This song was INSPIRED and written through the eyes of a 16 year old young lady named MaKayla who is unable to speak and has an un-diagnosed developmentally disability.
People from up and down portions of the East coast come to Sparrow Ranch on the Island for the very special events that take place during the spring and summer months.  Everything revolves around a powerful time of worship and it is so beautiful to see the visitors with special needs help lead the service in ways words can never describe.

So many lives have been touched and changed through these special times of worship and fellowship. The events begin as a blank canvas and a palette of oh so many colors and with every special moment comes a stroke of the brush that creates a unique masterpiece that reveals His Glory.