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When it comes to mental health and suicide prevention, I know it takes more than just talking. You have to be about ACTION! QPR Suicide Prevention Training is that ACTION. Through simply caring to get educated on the warning signs of suicide, ANYONE can save a life. You don’t have to be a professional. Aunt Spankie proved that point almost 29 years ago.

I called her and told her, “You can have my shoes.” She called me back and asked the question, “Are you going to kill yourself?” I said, ‘Yes,” and she went into ACTION like a superhero and saved my life! Because of Aunt Spankie, I am HERE and others are HERE living their lives.

29 years of being a suicide survivor may roll off my tongue easily but the journey to mental wellness hasn’t been easy at all. It is a constant battle DAILY but if I want to be HERE, I have to continue to put in the work DAILY! It’s no quick fix when dealing with mental health conditions. To keep it in check, you have to make a lifestyle change and find those healthy coping skills to put in your “Mental Health Toolbox, and use regularly.”

I think about how different life would have been for my family, friends, and most of all my son Wes if I had died by suicide on February 14th, 1995. Wes wouldn’t be the same person and may not have accomplished all the wonderful things he has. She did more than save my life, she saved my son’s too. I will always be grateful.

To my Aunt Spankie, my SUPERHERO, I can’t thank you enough. As each year passes and I come up on another anniversary that I am HERE to see, I appreciate you even more! (See attached photos to see a SUPERHERO)

As I always say, “Everyone Needs an Aunt Spankie, Everyone Needs to Be Like Aunt Spankie!”  The more people that become certified Gatekeepers, the more lives that will be saved!

Thank you,