Sunshine loves being a lamb. She lives in a beautiful green valley, has fun wooly friends, and best of all, her shepherd is Jesus! There is so much to do in the delightful pastures where the lambs roam and play, and as long as they stay near Jesus, their guide and Good Shepherd, they are always sure to be safe.

Sunshine’s taste for adventure and excitement often causes her to be easily distracted, especially when Jesus is teaching His lambs about obeying Him. One day, led by her natural curiosity, Sunshine wanders away from the valley while chasing butterflies, and soon finds herself lost in the dark, dangerous woods that Jesus warned her and the other lambs not to go near.

What dangers await Sunshine in the mysterious woods? Can Jesus find her and bring her back to the safety of the valley? Join Sunshine on her journey as she discovers the importance of obedience, the wonder of Jesus’ love, and the bigness of God’s grace that saves us when we least deserve His forgiveness.