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How is the message of Noah pertinent to our times?

Noah Code heralds three themes; one, the true character of a loving God as reflected in the First Earth, perfectly created for mankind and all life; two, the message of the Flood Judgement demonstrates that our God is loving but also Holy – man may not redefine morality, and if he does, there are consequences. Last, the Flood judgement was real, world-wide and the biblical account perfectly reliable, as documented so thoroughly in The Noah Code

Scriptural insights from The Noah Code:

  • The word Covenant is first used by God speaking with Noah, its actual meaning cleansing and contract
  • That there were Two Pillars erected by Seth before the Flood event, one built to withstand a flood, the other fire as directed by Adam. The one remaining may be the Great Pyramid
  • The Arc built with human hands is likened to ‘mansions,’ the latter being built for humanity by Christ the ‘carpenter,’ ready to receive new tenants

Other Highlights  from The Noah Code:

  • Early naturalists noted that many of the skyward facing mountain fissures (like Gibraltar) were found full of broken bones, these from extinct mammoth, rino, tigers, bears, etc including the remains of people, suggesting a floating biomass settled on them. An entire chapter is dedicated to this phenomenon.
  • In AD 1470 a complete ship, crew and cargo were unearthed 1,000 feet deep in a mine near Bern, Switzerland and another in Greenland!
  • Many caves were found with the remains of people mixed with extinct/modern animals,  having the appearance that they were once confined together in struggle. One cave alone contained the remains of over 2500 bears. Where would you go if the earth was engulfed in earthquakes and typhoons for 40 days and nights, every structure flattened and the waters raising?
  • Whale remains were found across 5 States by the first settlers in the Southeast, these in such quantity that huts and fences were built of their bones. Plesiosaur and whale remains have been found above 5,000ft in multiple locations, how did they get up to that altitude? Harvard Geologist Dwight Dana commented; “A giant wave must have crossed the continent.”
  • All the water required to inundate the planet was located as documented of June of 2014, see below report
  • A clear event horizon was identified, showing first an extinction layer of human remains buried in flood deposits, later overlaid with signs of our modern ancestors. These races were agrarian, herdsmen and had art, a more gentile race; the offspring of Noah and family. This fact was of common knowledge cross the community of world-class naturalists before 1900, modernists now deny it, why?
  • Coral reefs (requiring 70 degree water) and redwoods once abounded near both poles the early scientists recorded, and there were no ice caps.
  • Much proof exists that the earth was far more livable and temperate than today. The “Very Good” Earth (Genesis 1:31) our loving God made in the beginning, destroyed in the Flood!
  • The true Hebrew text word meanings are explained, vital to our understanding of Gods goodness and what really happened as recorded in these early chapters in Genesis.
    Noah Code documents these finds and many more!

What others are saying about The Noah Code:
    “Absolutely brilliant work! The author has fit so many pieces together. The timeline intricacies, science & research, all put together! This is definitely a great read! Impressive, something more people need to know about…ties in the multiple sciences to backup these mysteries is awe-striking! Dead bones don’t lie,  they tell a remarkable story. Most assuredly worth reading!”
– Rev. Kayelizabeth V.Bartlett

    “I edit and write reviews for many books and I can honestly say that what you have written goes far and beyond anything I’ve ever read.  It’s as if you have left no stone uncovered. I also have been a little amazed at the warfare in getting this book to print.  I truly believe that God is going to use this book to His glory and as a blessing to multitudes of people.”
– Brenda CBM Read full Review

    “Mark Rose has produced a fascinating study of the geologic and other scientific evidence supporting the Biblical account of the flood of Noah. Anyone with a serious interest in Genesis or the plethora of flood stories found throughout the world should consider this book.
– Dr. Mark Barclift

    “This book is an amazing resource for those seeking an accurate answers on how God’s word, His creation, and scientific evidence are in alignment. It gives people hope that God’s design and history are woven into the very fabric of our world. We are not a cosmic accident! Mark Rose does a masterful job of sharing the hope of the gospel through evidence seen in God’s creation. Thank you! We will use this book to encourage students across our country who don’t have a voice when defending their faith!”
– C. R. Herb

    “Mark Rose does an incredible job at explaining not just biblical process of Gods creation but scientific and logical. He uses terminology people can understand and puts perspective on a controversial subject. This book is great for anyone looking for an informative, honest read on the subject. We will be using this material for teaching in future! Highly recommended.
– Lisa

“I anticipated alot out of this book. To be moved to tears was not one of them.
That is exactly what the author did with his Dedication. From the first page to the last, The Noah Code is filled with information. It is not a book you will read once and leave on your bookshelf. Within the appendix is a wealth of research. The time and organization that went into this work is remarkable.”
– M. Fant

“Just finished your book and what an excellent job you’ve done. I will continue in prayer for the effectiveness of  your book. There are so many Christians who do not believe in the Flood because they don’t have the facts…I deeply appreciate your research which enlightened and informed me one fact after another. I am sure I will be referring back to your book in my own defense of the Flood of Noah. I have highly recommended it to a few friends already. Thanks again Mark…”
– Allen Austin – Author, Genesis in Egypt

Jesus said; “Just as in the Days of Noah, So shall the coming of the Son of Man be!”


About the Author
Mark Rose has worked above and beneath the Earth for over 30 years. His travels around the world serving in the largest underground mines and flying in Alaska has proved to him one thing: That earth in the not distant past experienced a grand cataclysm, a cataclysm that’s been largely ignored by institutional science. In The Noah Code he sets the record straight. Rose is a patent holding inventor/engineer, geology researcher and commercial Pilot


On the left, the Grand Canyon, eroded as the flood waters ran off the earth for 150 days. On the right, The St Helens Canyon, eroded in one day by a backwater created after the eruption. Learn more about this geologic feature and more in The Noah Code!


Remnant Topology in the Southwest. The Flood removed the rest of the land.
Included is an updated work on flood stories from around the world, including Chinese (with translated characters, see below), from 2200 BC.   Includes a lost Athabaskan native flood testimony recorded by then territorial Judge James Wickersham in 1903. The author uncovered a number of authoritative works on the flood subject dating back hundreds of years, now recorded for the first time for our generation.
Read this volume and you will never take the Flood of Noah for granted again.
Don’t allow your children to be wrongly influenced by the false teachings of modern origin  “science” any longer, the Bible is true and the flood, one global in scale,  did happen!

NEW to Revision I

  • Expanded Flood Traditions section, shocking news from England and Jephthah
  • The 1400 Mile Sewilik Fossil dig of the Himalaya and map
  • Prism 444 that names Pre and Post-Flood Kings dated 2400BC
  • Whiston’s “The Comet” – known and studied by Newton with its 575 year cycle as a possible Flood causative: a comet and Flood that modernists deny..they won’t even name it…!
  • Updated Dinosaur section, new information of dinosaur sighting’s
  • Many new graphics and NEW & improved maps
  • The Author uncovered an 1830’s quote by the French warning the worlds geologists that a departure from the Flood account is now untenable, this proclamation due to the fact that they had unearthed so many finds of people with food stores in caves, these subsequently invaded by the mega-fauna (mammoths, tigers, bears etc..) that it would be foolish to pursue other naturalistic explanations, e.g. that the items migrated into place by burrowing animals. (The explanation given in modern archaeology texts).
  • More VITAL quotes relating to human fossil finds in Europe lost and the Flood; expanded reference section